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GIFs, ‘GIFs’ and GIPHY

GIFs, 'GIFs' and GIPHY

Are you letting the mates know you’re on the way or do you have to let the group chat know you’re V tired?

What could be more simple than a GIF to show how you’re feeling?

SpongeBob’s probably a good choice

Maybe it’s a corona meme?

Point is, WHATEVER the situation, you can find a GIF for it, or is it GIF?

It’s GIF.

GIFs have managed to take over the sharing of information. Instead of newspapers, we find news in memes and GIFs while we have a giggle.

(Good to do a little reading now and then though, to try avoid the Fake News…)

GIFs are played for more than 2 million hours and by more than 700 million people, each day! If a picture is a thousand words, then a GIF must be a million!

So why are we talking GIFs?

Remember when all of a sudden WhatsApp and Instagram where taken over by Facebook?

Well, they just bought Giphy for $400 Million!

So now Facebook, one of the largest data collecting companies in the world, owns another major communication method…

And it’s good to know that no trackers, cookies, or user tracking modules have been embedded onto Giphy GIFs, but who says Facebook can’t change that?

The point? Be aware.

Remember when Cambridge Analytica changed the world with the data of the American people?

They had no idea, until it was too late.

It’s not easy to choose between simple mass integration and privacy, but we shouldn’t have to! Privacy and unbiased news is our right and although data can keep us safe, it can put us in danger too.

Learn more about your data and how it’s been used without your permission and what you can do to help stop it.

Check out this Vox Article! This is how Facebook uses your data for ad targeting and Ads

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